The doctors music ensemble was founded by the physician Dr. Karl Zippelius and the psychologist Dr. Orazio Caruso.

The musicians share a common project in a stimulating intellectual and multifaceted environment. Our project focuses on the music in its extensive artistic value but we consider also its therapeutic and relational value. Music meant as a treatment and purification of the soul (catharsis) according to the ancient Hellenistic philosophy and medicine. But also a powerful mean of knowledge, awareness and expression, based on the value of the exchange and discussion. Hippocrates and the Pythagorean school influenced the birth of modern medicine, and were among the first to apply the concept of harmony to the human body. At the heart of our philosophy is the human beeing and his well-being, in all its forms and meanings: psychological, physical, intellectual, dealing with the surrounding environment.

We see in music also a powerful tool for multicultural integration, able to awake passion, energy, cohesion, even in contexts in social health risk or heavily disrupted situations.

Our activity is inspired by other national and international initiatives: Beside the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO; www.world-doctors-orchestra.org ), where Dr. Karl Zippelius is member since 2010, we like to remember some "famous" international examples that guide our efforts: the system "Abreu" of Venezuelan youth orchestra that has literally changed the lives of many young people at risk, the work of Barenboim with the West Eastern Divan Orchestra that encourages dialogue in the occupied Palestinian territories and among musicians in the war, Lang Lang International Music through the Foundation that engages with enormous energy worldwide in many activities on behalf of young musical talents, performing for children in hospitals, bringing classical music recitals in the most deprived areas and using talents to promote charitable initiatives.

We perform benefit concerts for medical aid projects.One of these is the project „TCM Sozialforum“ (www.tcm-sozialforum.org) which runs projects in India and Africa. It is a platform for international aid projects, which support socially disadvantaged people in a special form of applied Chinese medicine.