Dr. med. Karl Zippelius

James Wilson

Karl Zippelius - Violin

Medical doctor, Musician (Violin and Viola), Entrepreneur

Specialized in traditional chinese Medicine. Teacher at ´Università dei studi di Firenze' Master for TCM and researcher at "Sichuan Tianpeng Academy of TCM-Orthopedics & Longevity".

In 1999 he founded the company dr.zippelius srl, to develop and commercialize natural products, based on traditional chinese herbology, for locomotor system and sports (www.drzippelius.eu).
At age 7 he started to study Violin and Viola and became member of the school orchestra and quartet of the "Max Born Gymnasium" high school in Munich.

He evolved his violin playing at "Conservatorio Musicale Cherubini di Firenze" and participating several times at masterclasses of Maestro Sergey Girshenko, Professor at Maestro Sergey Girshenko, Professor at music high school "Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory" and student of David Oistrakh.

Since 2010 he is member of the World Doctors Orchestra (www.world-doctors-orchestra.org) and played concerts with it in South Africa,China, Chile, Germany and Barbados.

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